CURRENT Predictions
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The current world situation has a lot of people wondering what national or international crisis will happen next, where the next terrorist act will occur, and what the impact will be to us as individuals, to our economy, and to our country.

Normally government agencies use "think tanks" to come up with lengthy and expensive studies based on intelligence assessments and the use of different scenarios. Invariably the quality of these "predictive studies" is as good as the input, the objectivity of those involved in the evaluation group, and the political goals of the administration in power. This web site will present a different approach of making us aware of what may be "destined" to happen in the next few years. We will assess the current "evolving events" in terms of what Nostradamus has already predicted about four hundred and fifty years ago. The big question now is "How credible is Nostradamus?" How much trust should we place on a psychic? These are indeed very valid questions. National magazines have periodically written about the use of psychics by our government agencies and by other governments. One of the more recent articles is titled "Enemies in the Mind's Eye", U.S. News & World Report, January 27-February 3, 2003 issue. The very fact that CIA and the Department of Defense spent millions of dollars to evaluate the power of psychic phenomena offers some degree of credibility. In my opinion, credibility is based on personal faith. I am sure many of you who were fortunate to experience God's presence in your personal lives, one way or another, fully understand the power of The Spirit and the many ways it can manifest itself.

Saint John, chapter 4, verse 24 states "God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth". This is indeed one of the most important messages in the entire Bible. This message tells us that God, our creator, is a Spirit, an Infinite Intelligence. God is not a white God, a Christian God, a Jewish God, a Buddhist God, or It is a Spirit God, a cosmic source of perfection, love, and knowledge -- the God of all people. Genesis Chapter 1, verse 27, says "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; ". The method of worship may vary among us, but our God is one and the same for all mankind in the entire universe. We may indeed not realize that our "respective God" is one and the same -- no matter what name we may use to refer to Him/Her/It. This is unfortunate. Had we been more conscious of this fact, we would not be killing each other, we would not be as critical of each other's religion, and we would not be quarreling about differences which could be resolved rationally and without bloodshed. The question now is "How does Saint John's statement relate to psychic phenomena and specifically Nostradamus"? What about The Bible? Isn't The Bible preoccupied about the healing power of Jesus Christ? Doesn't The Bible describe numerous miracles and numerous instances when Jesus Christ read people's minds and made predictions? In other words, Christ himself was endowed with Spirit power. Of course, Jesus Christ had infinite Spirit Power. Furthermore, wasn't it The Spirit that manifested itself to Saint Paul/Saul on the road to Damascus? Obviously, the manifestation was an extraordinary experience and revelation that totally convinced him of the existence of The Lord, and instead of continuing to persecute the Christians, he immediately dedicated his life to the teachings of Christ. Couldn't Nostradamus be one of those rare individuals that are endowed with "some" Spirit power? You be the judge.

Psychics are endowed with various degrees of spiritual power. I suspect their power emanates from a divine connectivity to The Spirit. There are many people who claim to be psychics. Some are, some are not. Those that are psychics are endowed with different degrees of psychic power. If their power is limited, their messages are incomplete, confusing, incoherent, and questionable (or non-credible). If they are powerful psychics, their messages are precise, clear, and meaningful. Indeed, their messages can be an awesome spiritual experience. Powerful psychics can predict precise events, with specific dates, and even with the names of individuals. Their predictions can be made for many years in the future. In many cases, however, specific details may be purposely withheld because of the potentially adverse impact they could have.

Many of Nostradamus' predictions are written in such a manner that they can't be easily recognized and interpreted, and it is natural for many readers to be skeptical or total disbelievers. However, several predictions have been successfully interpreted and proven to be accurate. For those that are not familiar with Nostradamus, you may wish to look at some of his past predictions to get an appreciation of his way of describing the event.

This web site addresses quatrains deemed to be relevant to our period; specifically, Nostradamus' prediction about Osama bin Laden/al-Qaida, the North Korean threat, the Iraq war, and global warming. If we examine the current world events, as well as the trend of these events that evolve to their respective final outcome, I trust, we will reach a logical conclusion that Nostradamus' predictions merit very serious consideration. The accuracy of his predictions is amazing. The precision of the words he chooses to describe an event is that of a brain surgeon. His ability to focus in the very essence of an event is stunning. At the same time we need to realize that interpreting the quatrains and establishing relationships among the quatrains dealing with the same prediction, is not an easy task. In fact, the review process is very frustrating, time consuming, and very difficult.

The book I used for references is that of Erika Cheetham, titled The Prophecies of Nostradamus, 1986 Edition, Berkley Books. The book has the original French text and includes Nostradamus' biography. Several interpretations have been modified because they have been recognized as being relevant to current ongoing events.